We know PPC advertising. You know your business. Together we can implement a highly effective Google Adwords campaign to help your business thrive.Quote

Google Adwords Management

Pay Per Click

Creating or commissioning a website is just the first step in building your online presence. Next you need your target audience to notice you are there.

One of the most effective ways to get people to your website is using Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising.

And the quickest, most efficient way to use Google Adwords advertising is via a PPC specialist like Little Big Voice.

Type any search query into Google and the results page generates not only a list of useful websites but also relevant adverts (across the top, and in a column to the right).

When you click on one of the adverts, in most cases the business pays Google for that click.

You might notice similar ads on blogs, YouTube and other people’s websites. These are also PPC ads often run by Google.

Setting Up A Google Adwords Campaign: The Essential Elements

There are five essential elements to the campaign:

  • The objective - what the business owner is hoping to achieve through this budget. Feeling a bit wishy washy about that? We can help capture your aims into a clearly worded achievable objective.
  • Write captivating Ads that convert. We can do this for you.
  • Provide valuable market information by tapping into your customers’ online conversations.
  • The landing page the advert directs people to. We can do this too.
  • Target keywords that will trigger the advert to be displayed. Yep, this one too.
  • Campaign parameters - restrictions on where and when the advert will be displayed. You get the idea, We’ve got this one sorted.

How Google Adwords Works For Your Business?

How can a PPC campaign benefit your business? Any way you want it to.

This versatile method of advertising can be set up to achieve pretty much any marketing objective.

Want more subscribers to your email list? It can be done.

More paying customer right now? Totally achievable.

Boost average spend per customer by targeting a niche audience? Also entirely possible.

With the right combination of advert layout, target keywords, campaign parameters and landing pages anything is possible.

Little Big Voice: Achieving Big Results With Little Budgets

Over the years we’ve picked up an exciting toolkit of tips, trick and techniques to squeeze maximum impact from any Google Adwords budget.

We know which keywords to use to catch your audience at just the right moment.

We know there are some words to exclude from a campaign because they indicate the customer is not compatible with your brand or the objective we are aiming to achieve.

We can split test adverts to find out which is the most effective.

We can show you numbers and graphs that illustrate what your PPC budget is achieving.

There’s more but we don’t want to bore you.

We know PPC advertising. You know your business. Together we can implement a highly effective Google Adwords campaign to help your business thrive.

Drop us an email and we’ll get in touch or call us on 020 8387 0071 so we can talk through a plan together, no obligation.