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White Label SEO

White label SEO reseller services

Are you a freelancer, agency or web development company looking to partner with a reputable SEO company? Do you want to offer SEO services to current and future clients under your brand?

We understand that Search Engine Optimisation is a complicated process that requires keeping abreast of the latest requirements and taking an analytical approach. By outsourcing SEO to Little Big Voice, you can save time and money while offering a valuable product to your client's in a marketing medium that drives results.

Here’s what’s involved...


  • Telephone Consultation - With your agreement we'll speak with your client explaining to them what SEO is in laymans terms. During this time we'll look at the current state of the website and build an understanding of the client's business and marketplace. Any questions they have will be dealt with at that time.
  • Contract and Payment - If your client wishes to go ahead with a campaign, a 12 month contract and invoice is issued to yourselves. Once the contract is returned signed and the first payment is made the next phase can begin.
  • Keyword Identification – This process normally involves an hour or two on the telephone between ourselves and your client. By using the most up to date resources we put together a list of popular keywords they’d like to be found under. If the website has been online for several years we will opt for more competitive keywords, should the website be new we'll select something less competitive.
  • Analysis – We check the website for any problems which may stop search engine spiders indexing and reading all the content efficiently and plan a strategy on what changes are required to the website.
  • Links – We carry out a thorough link building process, but remember, with links, it’s how good rather than how many. Over the year's we've prepared lists of one-way links that will give a boost to the site.
  • Content & Site Preparation – From here the on-site changes take place, anything from cleaning up spam, ammending text, deep linking to adding an xml site map.
  • Position Reporting – We email your client a 'white label' report every month – to show them their search engine positions now, and how they were in the past.
  • Analytics Reporting - We also install analytics software giving them a wealth of information in a concise monthly report.
  • Think we're finished? - Wrong! Each campaign is for 12 months, we'll tweak the website as necessary and make contact with your client on a regular basis to ensure they are satisfied with their results.

The SEO packages...


We understand for many buinesses the cost of SEO can be expensive. That's why we offer flexible payments over 12 month's (subject to terms & conditions).

Small Budget
Designed for small businesses on a small budget, this reseller package is the nuts and bolts offering all the essentials to get a website ranking at the top of the major search engines.

Start Up
For small or medium sized businesses, either on a limited budget or with a domain less than a year old. Together with your client we’ll research and select up to ten targeted and highly searched for key phrases that will generate a steady supply of quality sales leads. Together with the option of payments spread over 12 months, this makes for an affordable solution with a good ROI.

Existing Site
Similar to the Start Up package but for fifteen keywords instead of ten. Ideally suitable for websites with domains at least a year old or for clients wanting to list at least ten product specific key phrases in addition to five generic keywords.

When a packaged approach won't work, perhaps the key phrases required are more competitive or the client requires full analytical documentation prior to the work being carried out.

  Small Budget Start Up Existing Site Enterprise
Key phrases optimised 5 10 15 20
Keyword research Yes Yes Yes Yes
Home page optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal page optimisation 0 10 15 20
Complete technical audit   Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster Tools   Yes Yes Yes
Analytics   Yes Yes Yes
XML sitemap   Yes Yes Yes
Anchor tag optimisation 5 10 15 20
One-way link building 500 900 1600 1900
Monthly reporting outlining changes to positions   Yes Yes Yes
Consultancy on technical issues, search engine updates & new developments   Yes Yes Yes
Social media & bookmarking   Yes Yes Yes
SPAM investigation and clean up suggestions     Yes Yes
Consultancy on any site changes that could affect rankings       Yes
Continuous adjustments to improve rankings       Yes
Detailed SEO strategy document       Yes
SEO benchmarking       Yes
Competitor analysis       Yes
Optimise site structure and navigation       Yes
Full evaluation of site content       Yes
Review of keywords or internal pages       Yes
Press releases       Yes
Email and telephone support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plan term 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

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To find out more information on pricing or discuss how we can help your business further, please either call 020 8387 0071 or use our online form.